A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland


A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Nature Bureau
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Pages: 544 Illustrations and other contents: 2,900 photographs, 2,100 maps Language: English ISBN: 9781874357902 Categories: , ,

This new and expanded edition of A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland is the most complete guide to insects ever published. It now has 544 pages and covers over 2,300 species with updated maps & over 2,900 colour photographs throughout. It also has fully comprehensive sections on all insect groups, including beetles (108 pages), flies (100 pages), ants, bees & wasps (86 pages).

The main aim of this field guide is to provide clear photographs of a wide range of insects; to assist in identification of the majority of insects likely to be encountered; as well as aid conservation and encourage new recorders. The concise text gives information on behaviour as well as their present-day conservation status; pointers are given to help avoid mis-identification with species of similar appearance, whilst avoiding highly technical keys – the latter may, however, be vital for some families such as tiny look-alike species and the introductory text to orders gives some guidance on this.

Serious naturalists will welcome notes on areas to look for rarities, in order to watch or photograph them and information on where to look for additional information on particular insect groups. Many photographs show fascinating, sometimes seldom observed behaviour of insects; marching around a site will rarely reveal this type of activity, but methodical searches and observation will reward those with time and patience.

With its wide species coverage and emphasis on not only popular but somewhat neglected insect orders, this book will be of interest to naturalists throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe.

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