A Buzz in the Meadow


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In A Buzz in the Meadow Goulson tells the story of how he bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together with 33 acres of surrounding meadow and how, over a decade, he has created a place for his beloved bumblebees to thrive. But other creatures live there too, a myriad insects of every kind, many of them ones that Goulson has studied before in his career as a biologist. You will learn about how a deathwatch beetle finds its mate, about the importance of houseflies, why butterflies have spots on their wings, about dragonfly sex, bed-bugs and wasps.

Goulson is brilliant, and very funny, at showing how scientists actually conduct experiments. The book is also a wake-up call, urging us to cherish and protect life on earth in all its forms.

A Sting in the Tale, Dave Goulson’s account of a lifetime studying bumblebees, was one of the success stories of 2013. Well reviewed, it was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for the best non-fiction book of the year.

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Wonderfully entertaining… Engages the reader as much with the eloquence of its argument as with the charm of its humour -- Mark Cocker * Mail on Sunday * Goulson writes with infectious enthusiasm… A lively and important read. -- Ian Critchley * Sunday Times * Had me exclaiming with delight… Goulson’s book is juicy and delicious, layered with flavours and steeped in culture * Daily Telegraph * Buy this book, give it as a present. It is required reading for being a human in the 21st century. -- Matthew Cobb, professor of zoology at the Univerity of Manchester * New Scientist * A gripping account of the importance of insects to our environment…. Goulson has an easy-going style and an enthusiastic yet rigourous approach to material that could seem dry … Goulson’s patient attempts to establish a link between [bees’ colony collapse disorder and a new class of insecticide] become as gripping as any forensic thriller. -- Suzi Feay * Financial Times * For those who think of science as being dry and boring this book will be a revelation. Goulson’s book is juicy and delicious, layered with flavours and steeped in culture. -- Nicola Davies, 5 stars * Daily Telegraph * Glorious… The real pleasure of reading this book is hearing the hum of biodiversity rising from every page. -- Damian Whitworth * The Times * A wonderfully entertaining one-man campaign… A blend of scientific evidence and amusing travelogue that engages the reader as much with the eloquence of its argument as with the charm of its humour. -- Mark Cocker, 5 stars * Mail on Sunday * An inspirational case for awareness and appreciation of the teeming diversity. -- John Akeroyd * Spectator * Urgent and impassioned. -- Max Liu * Independent * Witty, clever and richly informative. -- Mark Cocker * New Statesman * Will make you glad that British universities are full of slightly fruity, quietly impassioned academics devoting their life to the smallest of creatures on Earth. * Big Issue * Much more than a series of romantic wildlife walks… A trove of elegant and fascinating ecological tales. -- Richard Jones * BBC Wildlife * Absolutely captivating. * Independent * Biology is beautiful, as told in these pages. -- Gerald Isaaman * Camden Review * A latter-day Gerald Durrell, Goulson fairly buzzes with enthusiasm, recounting numerous hilarious wildlife encounters with great literary flair, whilst retaining a scientist’s meticulous eye for detail and a conservationist’s concern for the future of the planet. * Good Book Guide * ‘[Goulson’s] heartfelt call for us to cherish the nurture of nature is as sweet as honey. -- Lain Finlayson and Kate Saunders * Saga Magazin *