Woodsman: Living in a wood in the 21st Century


Woodsman: Living in a wood in the 21st Century Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: HarperCollins
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Ben Law’s incredible sense of the land and his respect for age old traditions offers a wonderful insight into the life of Prickly Nut Wood. Having travelled to Papua New Guinea and the Amazon, observing age-old techniques for living in, working in and preserving forests and woodland, Ben Law felt compelled to return home and apply his learnings to a 400-year-old plot of woodland near where he grew up – Prickly Nut Wood. This is the story of how he came to know and love his woodland, how he lived off the land, how he coppiced and hedged and created charcoal, how he puddled and built shelter, and finally how he carved out his famous, characterful woodland home that Kevin McCloud has cited as his favourite ever Grand Design.

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'Ben Law's house is my favourite Grand Design' Kevin McCloud 'This book will leave you with a sense of awe and admiration but also a yearning to follow in Ben's footsteps' Permaculture magazine 'Ben continues to inspire his readers about woodland ... In Prickly Nut Wood, Ben Law practically demonstrates the benefits of living close to the land' Woodland Matters

Author Biography

Ben Law is a writer, Woodsman, Master Carpenter and Eco-Builder. He lives and works in Prickly Nut Wood in West Sussex, in his unique home, the building which was filmed for Channel 4's Grand Designs and was voted by viewers the most popular Grand Design ever.