Asian and citrus longhorn beetles : Observatree guides


Asian and citrus longhorn beetles : Observatree guides Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Forest Research ISBN: 8010000001299 Categories: , , Tag:

The Asian longhorn beetle (ALB, Anoplophora glabripennis) and the citrus longhorn
beetle (CLB, Anoplophora chinensis) are native to eastern Asia, and pose a serious
threat to a range of our native, naturalised and introduced broadleaved trees,
including many species grown as ornamentals. The climate in much of the UK is
conducive to establishment and spread of these pests whose main pathway of entry
is in wood packaging materials (ALB) and via the live plant trade (CLB). The larvae of
the beetles feed and tunnel under the bark in the wood of both healthy and stressed
trees causing extensive damage and ultimately mortality to the infested hosts after
several successive years of attack.

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