Wildlife Conservation on Farmland Vol 1

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Wildlife Conservation on Farmland Vol 1 Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Oxford University Press Pages: 336 Illustrations and other contents: 138 illustrations ISBN: 9780198745488 Category:

Highlights and examines the most important challenges facing farmers, conservationists, and policy makers, using examples of real-life, linked studies from a farmed landscape which bridge the divide between the theory and practice of wildlife conservation on farmland
Integrated and interdisciplinary approach drawing on ecology, behaviour, epidemiology, genetics, parasitology, biochemistry, physiology, and environmental economics
Develops workable conservation solutions to the current farmland biodiversity crisis

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[This book] definitely can provide ideas to scientists and conservationists in tropical and subtropical areas, where intensive agriculture practices are rapidly destroying natural areas, who wish to convince farmers of the long-term advantages of sustainable farming and biodiversity-friendly practices. * Gabor Pozsgai, Conservation Biology * The publication offers on a plate four decades of blood, sweat, and tears from a wide range of scientists. It gives a good overview of what high-quality conservation science is all about. It is well written and well presented. * David Kleijn, TREE * Chapters in this book are very authoritative and they contain a wealth of knowledge and often thought-provoking suggestions for the future. * Daria Dadam, BTO * The research is compelling ... due to the clear writing style and plethora of case-studies, both volumes will be useful in the classroom, as well. Wildlife Conservation on Farmland is a must read * Samantha Noll, Biological Conservation * Overall, this is a testament to the achievements of David Macdonald with WildCRU, and these volumes now make his experiences and views generally available. As the chapters are extensively referenced, they are important source-works that will be of value to all concerned with wildlife conservation on lowland farmland in the UK. The books can be recommended without reservation. * David L. Hawksworth, Biodiversity and Conservation * It is remarkable that these diverse studies are edited to generate such a great coherence. [...] Taken together, this volume fills an important gap, since it links vital aspects for policy, conservation, and management with a nuanced overview building on local to regional examples. In times of ever shorter publications, this book is a valuable contribution. It provides diverse and layered information, just as the topic of wildlife conservation in farmland that it focuses on. * Henrik von Wehrden, The Quarterly Review of Biology *