The Tian Shan and its Flowers



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The Tian Shan and its Flowers Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Vojtěch Holubec Pages: 404 Illustrations and other contents: 900 colour photos/illustrations ISBN: 9788027036172 Categories: , Tag:

This book is devoted to the plants of Tian Shan and the ecological conditions in which they grow. It is aimed at amateur and professional botanists, rock gardeners, plant and mountain lovers, and those who admire photographs of wild beauty.

The Tian Shan and its Flowers commences with introductory chapters on the history of botanical research, orography, geology, climate and vegetation. This is followed by the main part of the book, i.e. details of the characteristics of selected plant species. These are organised according to the botanical system of ‘Flora of China’. The descriptions provide important characteristics for quick identification of the plants. The information regarding Habitat and Distribution ensure additional useful data for users, while the Cultivation notes give basic information for

There are descriptions of 621 plant species, over 900 pictures and a glossary of used botanical terms.

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