Hidden Beauty: An exploration of Qatar’s native and naturalised flora


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Hidden Beauty: An exploration of Qatar’s native and naturalised flora Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Akkadia Press
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With a focus on quality and scientific precision, Hidden Beauty is set to become the definitive guide to plants in Qatar. In addition to the high-quality images throughout, which facilitate the identification of plants, the detailed information has been edited and reviewed by leading experts in Middle Eastern plants at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in order to ensure accuracy. This process has led, among others, to clarifying and rectifying past misidentifications, and to shedding light on 10 new species of plants. The book contains peer-reviewed information on closely related topics such as ethnobotany, etymology, mythology, and ethnomedicine.

Targeting both professionals in the field as well as a general audience, the release of Hidden Beauty is timed to take full advantage of the events surrounding the 2022 World Cup in Doha and the need for environmental assessments at a national and regional level.

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'This book is a precious instrument in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.' (Benno Boeer, UNESCO); 'Everyone living in or even visiting Qatar should have a copy of Hidden Beauty ... both a stunning exposition of an overlooked part of Qatar's biodiversity, and an evocative invitation to immerse oneself in the hunt for biological beauty.' (Paul Alan Cox, TIME magazine's Heroes of Medicine); '... its many stunning photographs should enable the identification of any plant found growing in the deserts of Qatar.' (Anthony G. Miller, Centre for Middle Eastern Plants, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)  

Author Biography

Dr Richer received her BA in biology from the University of Chicago and her PhD in biology from Harvard University in 2004. She taught at the American University of Armenia from 2005-2007. Dr Richer's conservation work at the American University of Armenia was recognised by the Whitley Award, the UK's largest conservation award. She worked for Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar from 2007-2014 and continues to work in the field of environmental science, terrestrial ecosystems, sustainable development and human health in Qatar. Her current work focuses on the intersection of biological processes, sustainable development and human health. For the last decade she has been working to understand the physiology and ecology of complex biocrusts in deserts and the bioactive compounds they produce.

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