Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide


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Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: John Wiley
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Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide

An accessible introduction to the way in which botanical evidence is identified, collected and analysed in criminal cases. Increasingly this form of evidence is becoming more important in forensic investigation and yet there are few trained botanists able to assist in such cases. This book is intended to show how useful simple collection methods and standard plant analysis can be in the course of such investigations and is written in a clear and accessible manner to enhance understanding of the subject for the non-specialist.

Paperback. 216 pages
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“This book entitled Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide is an excellent guide and teaching tool for biological evidence training, a resource for scientists, law enforcement and attorneys alike, and review material before trial. Forensic guidelines for plant material are limited and training is specialized; therefore, this truly is an excellent, readable scientific guide for the forensic community.”  (Journal of Forensic Sciences, 1 July 2013)  

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EDITORS DAVID W. HALL David W. Hall Consultant, Inc., USA JASON H. BYRD William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine, University of Florida, USA