The Fifth Kingdom : An Introduction to Mycology 4th Edition


The Fifth Kingdom : An Introduction to Mycology 4th Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Focus Publishing/R Pullins & Co
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This new edition of The Fifth Kingdom has been updated to reflect the most recent developments in mycology, including the field’s adoption of a new taxonomical framework for fungi as a whole, and the latest advances in molecular genetics. The chapter on fungicides has been updated to include new discoveries. The discussion of poisonous mushrooms has been revised to include newly recognised types (and treatments) of mushroom poisoning. Chapters on medical aspects of mycology and practical uses for fungi have been expanded. Entirely new chapters — on applications of mycological training, among other topics — are all written with Kendrick’s characteristic clarity, warmth, and humour — the qualities that have helped establish The Fifth Kingdom as one of the best, and most engaging, introductions to mycology. Now in full colour, and offering a wealth of new illustrations, this edition also provides readers with access to Bryce Kendrick’s extensive online collection of photographs, charts, and other visual resources.


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Author Biography

Bryce Kendrick, Professor Emeritus of Mycology at the University of Waterloo, has studied fungi for more than sixty years. He is the author of over three hundred mycological publications, including several books.