Orchid Species from Himalaya and Southeast Asia Vol. 2 (G – P)


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Orchid Species from Himalaya and Southeast Asia Vol. 2 (G – P) Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Pages: 365 Illustrations and other contents: 1 Illustrations, black and white; XX, 365 p. 1 illus. Language: English ISBN: 9783030804305 Categories: , , , , , , , ,

A presentation of over 700 popular orchid species in 104 genera carefully detailed with beautiful photographs and concise descriptions of plants, their distribution and habitats by a well-known author and photographer. Each genus is assigned a separate chapter. Coverage of the most commonly cultivated Asian species including their varieties and cultivars (e.g. in Bulbophyllum 72 species; Coelogyne 33 species; Dendrobium 161 species; Paphiopedilum 58 species; Phalaenopsis 60 species; Vanda 44 species) is exhaustive. The orchids are photographed from their best perspective, individual blooms and entire inflorescence: additionally, many species are also shown growing in their natural habitat. Representative hybrids are included to illustrate how some species have contributed to show-worthiness of various genera, their adaptation to a wider climate range, and easy cultivation. This book is a pleasure to view; simultaneously, an easy reference for the identification of orchid species and it provides a guide on how best to grow them. Nowhere else will one find so many popular species beautifully illustrated in a single volume. A must for everyone fascinated by orchids or with a love for nature.

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"The three-volume set of this wonderful and important reference series is now complete and available. ... It is fascinating to read and see the background of so many of the orchids the orchid-growing community in most parts of the world loves and grows. Dr. Teoh's study of orchids for over 50 years has helped to preserve the knowledge of so many genera of orchids and present that information in this impressive three volume set." (Paul Alan Wetter, ORCHIDS, October, 2022)

Author Biography

Eng Soon Teoh MD, FRCOG, FACS is a Singapore gynaecologist with experience in laboratory and clinical research. He is a past president of the Orchid Society of South East Asia and an Award Judge of the society. His parents loved orchids. This inspired Dr. Teoh to begin studying orchids over 50 years ago focusing on Asian species and orchid biology. He is the author of several popular books and numerous articles on orchids. Medicinal Orchids of Asia (2016) and Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food (2019), both published by Springer received high praise by their reviewers.