Nouvelle flore illustree des Pyrenees


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Nouvelle flore illustree des Pyrenees Author: Format: Paperback Published By: Editions du Pin a Crochet ISBN: 9782911715532 Category:

Text in French, with Latin names included

This new illustrated flora of the Pyrenees replaces the author’s original ‘La grande Flore illustree des Pyernees’. Highly regarded but out of print for many years, the earlier work provided descriptions and illustrations of 1800 or so plants that could be found in the middle and upper altitudes of the Pyrenees. This present edition now also includes plants found at lower altitudes, down to the coast and Piedmont, on both sides of the Pyrenees. There are many new descriptions and illustrations with nearly twice as many plants (~3600) described as in the original edition.

The author has drawn each plant in pencil showing details of the stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds as well as the entire plant. Drawings have been made from predominantly fresh samples, either directly in the field or after collection. In some cases, where plants are rare or difficult to keep fresh, herbarium specimens have been used. Tracings of these drawing have been transferred onto a single plate, representative of a single genus or other grouping, with accompanying descriptions on the opposite page.

The work includes an illustrated key to principal families and genera, a list of protected plants, a glossary of terms and two indices; one of families and genera in French and the other of genera and species in Latin.

There is a preface by Grard Largier, Director of the National Botanical Conservatory of the Pyrenees and Midi-Pyrenees and chapters with background information on the area as well as a selection of watercolors by the artist Hlne Saule-Sorb

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