Flora Europaea Volume 1-5 Paperback Set


Flora Europaea Volume 1-5 Paperback Set Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press Pages: 2591 ISBN: 9780521154062 Category:

Flora Europaea is the definitive account of the flowering plants, ferns and fern-allies of Europe, covering all plants growing in the wild, including many naturalised species and all widely cultivated crop species. It provides full keys and concise descriptions of families, genera, species and subspecies, together with bibliographic details for accepted species, summaries of geographical distribution, chromosome numbers and habitat information. All names used in Floras or important monographs are cited in the text or index. The text, in English, uses a limited vocabulary, and there are glossaries of technical terms and Latin equivalents. 2591 pp.

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."..Scrupulous care is demonstrated by the sturdy binding and lucid page layout; a detailed explanation of authorship attribution; numbered couplets of indented, dichotomous keys expediting multiple routes to identification; and clear indications of areas needing further study....this essential work is a pleasure to use." Helen M. Barber, American Reference Book Annual "Any library containing the first edition would want to acquire this newly updated first volume." E. Williams, Choice "The production of the second edition of the first volume of Flora Europaea is a landmark. The book was first published 29 years ago, and proved a valuable spur to further research...the new edition is a great step forward. Many of the accounts have been revised to a high standard...and 350 new taxa have been included, hundreds new to science." Nature, June, 1994 Review of the hardback: ' the more one examines this volume the more it appears as a tremendous compendium of valuable information Authors and editors alike are to be highly congratulated.' Excerpta Botanica Review of the hardback: 'All botanists will welcome the continued rapid progress of the Flora and we may all be pleased with the result.' Arthur Cronquist, Quarterly Review of Biology Review of the hardback: 'Cette grande entreprise internationale se poursuit de la fa on la plus satisfaisante et la haute qualit de cet ouvrage de base, et d j c l bre, continue s'affirmer. La Flora Europaea constitue un monument de science et un exemple de collaboration internationale qui ne savraient se voir assez lou s.' J. L. Monod, La Terre et La Vie Review of the hardback: 'Flora Europaea is a triumph of international organisation and co-operation as well as a work of exceptionally high value and importance.' The Naturalist Review of the hardback: 'Flora Europaea, by applying a beneficial taxonomic uniformity within its area, will inevitably broaden the horizons of all those who use it. It should lead to a new phase in European botany, and will certainly provide a firm basis for further taxonomic research for many years to come. One cannot but admire the consistency of production in a work to which more than fifty botanists from all over Europe have contributed. The layout, scope and terminology show a uniformity throughout for which the editors must be congratulated.' Nature Review of the hardback: 'One essential advantage of this work is that it elucidates the taxonomic and geographical connections and graduations of taxa that appear too much isolated in local floras. May it be used by many people, and may its good progress continue.' Watsonia Review of the hardback: 'The book is a model of concise writing. It gives the latest information about the taxonomy of most European vascular plants. It will be used extensively by botanists, professional and amateur in many parts of the world.' Science Review of the hardback: 'The first volume of Flora Europaea is a splendid example of international teamwork under the technical guidance of an effectively organised national group. This plan has proved to be efficient and satisfactory. The wise self-restraint of the editors in putting their goals within humanly reachable distance, and in frankly stating the limitations of the undertaking have resulted for the first time in the production of an extremely useful European Flora.' Taxon (Netherlands) Review of the hardback: 'This book is a quick source of reference to everyday problems of nomenclature and classification. Libraries of botanical and biological institutions throughout the world should not be without it.' The New Phytologist Review of the hardback: 'This book is highly recommended as a must for taxonomists and others who are interested in the generic and family names of vascular plants.' Baileya