Identification of Trees and Shrubs in Winter Using Buds and Twigs


Identification of Trees and Shrubs in Winter Using Buds and Twigs Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Royal Botanic Gardens: Kew Publishing Pages: 368 ISBN: 9781842466506 Categories: ,

In contrast to other life forms, trees and shrubs do not die above ground, but enclose their shoots for the next year in buds, presenting many characters which hardly change over time. Using these bud and twig characters, deciduous trees and shrubs can be classified reliably in winter, which is particularly important during planting time.

This is a practical guide to identifying trees and shrubs in winter. Comprehensive and easy to use, it contains over 700 species identifiable via their winter buds and twigs. The illustrated identification keys are easy to use, and a summary set of keys are provided as an appendix.

Detailed descriptions are accompanied with over 1,400 colour illustrations.

`This monumental taxonomic work is one reference work that will help us all to be more confident in the identification of a comprehensive list of winter twigs and buds.’
Tony Kirkham Head of Arboretum, Gardens and Horticultural Services, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Bernd Schulz has worked at the Department of Biology at the Institute of Botany, Dresden, since 1993. He is known for his artful drawings of woody features.