Flora Europaea, Volume 2: Rosaceae to Umbeliferae – P/b


Flora Europaea, Volume 2: Rosaceae to Umbeliferae – P/b Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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The second of the five volumes covers the Dicotyledonous families from Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, following the Engler system. Apart from keys and descriptions, information is given on geographical distribution and, where possible, on habitat preference and chromosome number. All names used in Floras or important monographs are cited in the text or index. The text, in English, uses a limited vocabulary, and there are glossaries of technical terms and Latin equivalents.

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Review of the hardback: 'Flora Europaea, by applying a beneficial taxonomic uniformity within its area, will inevitably broaden the horizons of all those who use it. It should lead to a new phase in European botany, and will certainly provide a firm basis for further taxonomic research for many years to come. One cannot but admire the consistency of production in a work to which more than fifty botanists from all over Europe have contributed. The layout, scope and terminology show a uniformity throughout for which the editors must be congratulated.' Nature Review of the hardback: 'One essential advantage of this work is that it elucidates the taxonomic and geographical connections and graduations of taxa that appear too much isolated in local floras. May it be used by many people, and may its good progress continue.' Watsonia