Flora Europaea, Volume 3: Diapensiceae to Myoporaceae – P/b


Flora Europaea, Volume 3: Diapensiceae to Myoporaceae – P/b Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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The third volume covers the Dicotyledonous families from Diapensiaceae to Myoporaceae, following the Engler system. Apart from keys and descriptions, information is given on geographical distribution and, where possible, on habitat preference and chromosome number. All names used in current Floras or important monographs are cited in the text or index. The text, in English, uses a limited vocabulary, and there are glossaries of technical terms and Latin equivalents.

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Review of the hardback: 'All botanists will welcome the continued rapid progress of the Flora … and we may all be pleased with the result.' Arthur Cronquist, Quarterly Review of Biology Review of the hardback: 'Flora Europaea is a triumph of international organisation and co-operation as well as a work of exceptionally high value and importance.' The Naturalist Review of the hardback: 'Cette grande entreprise internationale se poursuit de la façon la plus satisfaisante et la haute qualité de cet ouvrage de base, et déjà célèbre, continue à s'affirmer. La Flora Europaea constitue un monument de science et un exemple de collaboration internationale qui ne savraient se voir assez loués.' J. L. Monod, La Terre et La Vie