Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Benelux


Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Benelux Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Botanic Garden Meise
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‘As new’ condition with minor damage to the cover – some creasing a top and bottom of spine and dent on bottom front cover. Inside pages are pristine.

English language version.

The most complete guide to the flora of the Benelux region. Only grasses, sedges and rushes have not been included. The Guide uses the latest methodology regarding the classification of flowering plants and the delimitation of species. Identification keys and distribution maps make it easy for the reader to reach a correct identification. This rigorous scientific basis is supplemented by more than 5000 pin-sharp images, which illustrate both the growth habit of the plant down to the smallest details of the flowers. Some flowers have been photographed in such detail for the first time. With its up-to-date taxonomy and the rich illustrations, this guide is the perfect tool to learn (more) about the flora of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Netherlands, for both academics and ordinary nature lovers.

This field guide is the result of a successful collaboration between Ruud van der Meijden and Fabienne Van Rossum, two botanists who share the same passion: the study of the flora of this region. Their scientific work is illustrated by the talented photographer Maarten Strack van Schijndel. Field Guide to the Wild Plants of the Benelux is also a happy example of botanical cooperation at European level. Not only are authors from different countries, but compiling distributional data and photo images has involved the collaboration of specialists from the leading institutes and societies of Belgium, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France.

ISBN: 9789082451146

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