Mountain Flora of Greece, Volume 1


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Mountain Flora of Greece, Volume 1 Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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The Greek mountain region is well known amongst botanists for its rich flora and high proportion of endemic species, but there has been no recent detailed Greek flora. This is the first of two volumes produced by a team of some twenty-five botanists from several European countries which aims to fill the gap. The species covered include at least 150 which have been recognised since the publication of Flora Europaea. Many changes of name or taxonomic rank are incorporated. For each species the following information is given: name and bibliographic reference; notes on nomenclature and typification; synonymy; description; ecology and flowering time; distribution (within the area and more generally); chromosome number; discussion of affinities and special features. Dichotomous keys to taxa at all levels are provided and 50 (mostly full-page) illustrations are included.

Volume 1 comes as a set of two books (part I and part II)

Part I ( 9780521138376) Introduction; 1. Key to families; 2. Vascular cryptogams; 3. Gymnospermae; 4. Angiospermae.

Part II: ( 97800521138406) Introduction; 5. Angiospermae.

References; Index to scientific names; Index to mountain names;
New taxa and new combinations; are included in both parts of this volume.

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