Fungi Europaei volume 2 – Boletus s.I.


Fungi Europaei volume 2 – Boletus s.I. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Candusso Edizioni View more from this series: Fungi Europaei
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Pages: 952 Illustrations and other contents: 10 micrograph, 428 colour photographs, 92 colour plates ISBN: 9788890105760 Category:

Volume 2 in the Fungi Europaei deals with Boletus s.l.

The present work includes the Boletus s. l., and studies some of the different families of taxons which can be found in Europe, such as Strobilomycetaceae Gilb., Gyroporaceae (Sing.) Binder et Bresinsky, Gyrodontaceae (Sing.) Hienem., Suillaceae (Sing.) Besl et Bresinsky and Boletaceae Chevall. (the last one with the exception of Xerocomus Quel., thoroughly described in vol. 8 of this collection by LADURNER et SIMONINI, 2003). All of them are in the Boletales Gilb. Order. The greater part of those specific and infraspecific taxa present in the European literature are described and discussed here. One hundred and ten taxas are included, with their original diagnosis, macro and microscopic descriptions, corologic data and those nomenclaturals aspects about the most critical taxas.

Italian Language with Spanish, Italian and English keys.

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