Fungi Europaei volume 10. Polyporaceae s.l.


Fungi Europaei volume 10. Polyporaceae s.l. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Candusso Edizioni View more from this series: Fungi Europaei Pages: 808 Illustrations and other contents: 292 micrograph, 343 colour photos, 1 colour plate ISBN: 9788890105753 Category:

Fungi Europaei volume 10 completes and extends the author’s earlier important work about Polyporaceae s.l.  271 species are illustrated, 71 more than the previous work. Almost all the species are fully described with the original diagnosis and have been illustrated with one or more colour photographs and a micrograph. Italian text but with an English summary of the main macro/micro-morphological features.

Italian and English text

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