Vanishing Beauty: Native Costa Rican Orchids, Volume 2 Lacaena – Pteroglossa


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Vanishing Beauty: Native Costa Rican Orchids, Volume 2 Lacaena – Pteroglossa Editor: Franco Pupulin Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Koeltz Scientific Books Pages: 578 Illustrations and other contents: 300 colour plates ISBN: 9783946583127 Categories: , ,

Koeltz Scientific Books revived this project, after plans for volume 2 were cancelled by Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, the original publisher.

Pagination of volume 2 follows on from volume 1, running from page 425 to 1003, and covers the Costa Rican orchid genera Lacaena to Pteroglossa.


Foreword by Phillip J. Cribb

Native Costa Rican Orchids: Lacaena/ Laelia/ Lankasterella/ Lankesteriana/ Leochilus/Lepanthes/ Lepnathopsis/ Liparis/ Lockhartia/ Lophiaris/ Lycaste/Macradenia/ Macroclinium/ Malaxis/ Masdevallia/ Maxillaria + Camaridium/Maxillariella/ Mesopinidium/ Microchilus/ Microthelys/ Miltoniopsis/Mormodes/ Mormolyca/ Myoxanthus/ Myrmecophila/ Nidema/ Nitidobulbon/Notylia/ Octomeria/ Oeceoclades/ Oerstedella/ Oncidium/ Ornithidium/Ornithocephalus/ Otoglossum/ Pabstiella/ Pachyphyllum/ Paphinia/Pelexia/ Peristeria/ Pescatoria/ Phloeophila/ Phragmipedium/ Platystele/Platytbelis/ Plectrophora/ Pleurothallis/ Pleurothallopsis/ Polycycnis/Polystachia/ Ponthieva/ Prescottia/ Prosthechea/ Psilochilus/ Psychopsis/Pterichis/ Pteroglossa/

From film to digital. A note onphotography


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