The Resupinates of Hampshire 4th edition



This 4th edition of the Resupinates of Hampshire is now available. The third edition (ISBN: 9780904853155) is now out of print

The Resupinates of Hampshire 4th edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: The Tree Council Pages: 410 ISBN: 9780904853162 Category: Tag:

Resupinate fungi are often overlooked as they can be difficult to identify, an issue exacerbated by the lack of suitable reference literature. To address this issue, two members of the Hampshire Fungus Recording Group have compiled a reference book of all known resupinate fungi found and identified in Hampshire to date, but which is also relevant for the whole of the UK as well as Northern Europe.

The Resupinates of Hampshire contains a wealth of high resolution photographs and detailed descriptions including the substrates and known Hampshire locations. In addition, detailed microscopy information is provided for all known Hampshire species.


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