Fungi of Temperate Europe. 2 volumes.


Fungi of Temperate Europe. 2 volumes. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press
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Pages: 1708 Illustrations and other contents: 7,000 color illus. ISBN: 9780691180373 Category: Tag:

Fungi of Temperate Europe is among the most comprehensive mycological guides ever published. Featuring more than 7,000 photographs, this lavish two-volume set treats more than 2,800 species of fungi across the region.

Including agarics, boletes, chanterelles and morels but also more obscure groups such as cyphelloids, cup fungi, pyrenomycetous fungi and hysterioids, this guide takes an unprecedented broad approach at communicating fungal diversity. All species are illustrated with one or more photographs. Information on morphology, ecology and distribution within temperate Europe is given in addition. Furthermore, 1,500+ species are discussed as potential look-alikes. The books are divided into 80 “form groups” each starting with an innovative comparison wheel with guiding photos, distinguishing characteristics and drawings of essential microscopic features. Poisonous and edible species are colour coded within the text.

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"This is a really practical book that will be a boon to field mycologists, especially in temperate regions. . . . something all field mycologists who see it will want to have on the bench near their microscopes when making identifications. The authors are to be congratulated on this truly remarkable achievement, making their many years of practical experience in macrofungal identification available to mycologists at large." * IMA Fungus * "Simply takes your breath away. . . . the greatest strength of Fungi of Temperate Europe lies in its illustrations, which, I repeat, are simply glorious."---Peter Marren, British Wildlife "Not only for people in Europe is this the best guidebook to get, it also is extremely useful for people in other parts of the world. It is a splendid example [sic] how to present the multitude of forms in a way that makes identification possible and fun, while at the same time showing the beauty and diversity of fungi."---Else C. Vellinga, Mycotaxon "Over 1700 pages of photographic goodness for the serious mycologist." * Inquisitive Biologist * "Fungi of Temperate Europe represents an excellent ‘all-in-one’ handbook for field research, comprising all groups of fungi commonly studied by field mycologists. . . . Every mycologist in Europe can now have an excellent guide for all fungal groups, covering most genera of macrofungi, with short apt descriptions and superb photos, available at a very reasonable price."---Daniel Dvořák, Petr Hrouda, Czech Mycology "One of the best comprehensive fungal guides for this European region currently available . . . highly recommended for every public and private library with interest in biology. It is very useful both for professionals and for everyone interested in this fascinating group of organisms."---Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Osterreiche Zeitschrift fuer Mykologie "[A]nyone who has an interest in mushrooms should own this . . . amazing [book]."---Steve Trudell, Mycophile "With its unprecedentedly broad taxonomic coverage, Fungi of Temperate Europe aims to provide a comprehensive overview of fungal species in Europe. It contains brief descriptions, up-to-date taxonomic names, and keys to identification based on innovative “fungal wheels.”"---Gergely Kutszegi, Conservation Biology