The Future of Dinosaurs: What We Don’t Know, What We Can, and What We’ll Never Know


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The Future of Dinosaurs: What We Don’t Know, What We Can, and What We’ll Never Know Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Hodder & Stoughton Illustrations and other contents: Black and white line drawings throughout, one 8 page colour inset. Language: English ISBN: 9781473692244 Categories: ,

Available for pre-order: the new book by Dr David Hone which explores the frontiers of dinosaur research __________ Ever since we first started discovering dinosaurs in the early-1800s, our obsession for uncovering everything about these creatures has been insatiable. Each generation has made huge strides in trying to better our understanding of these animals and in the past twenty years, we have made more discoveries than in the previous two hundred. There have been extraordinary advances in palaeontological methods and ever more dinosaur fossils promise a landslide of new data and huge leaps forward in our understanding of these incredible animals. Over time, we have been bale to look at the sizes and shapes of bones, we have identified patches of fossil skin, we have looked at footprints and bite marks and we’ve calculated mass estimates and walking speeds. With surprisingly little data to work from, we can put together a picture of an animal that has been extinct for a million human lifetimes. But for all our technological advances, and two centuries of new data and ideas, there is stull much more we don’t know. What parasites and diseases afflicted them? How did they communicate? Did they climb trees? How many species were there? In The Future of Dinosaurs, palaeontologist Dr David Hone looks at the recent strides in scientific research and the advanced knowledge we’ve gathered in recent years, as well as what we hope to learn in the future about these most fascinating of extinct creatures. __________

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