The Crevice Garden: How To Make The Perfect Home For Plants From Rocky Places


The Crevice Garden: How To Make The Perfect Home For Plants From Rocky Places Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Filbert Press
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Mountains, deserts and coastlines are home to some of the most interesting plants in the world and a crevice garden provides the perfect environment for them. Closely packed rocks and free-draining soil media provide excellent drainage and diverse micro-habitats for these plants that range from discerning alpines to easy-going succulents.

In The Crevice Garden, passionate crevice crusaders Kenton Seth and Paul Spriggs share their hard-earned expertise on the design, construction, and planting of these stunning rock-and-plant installations. Real-life examples in a variety of climates demonstrate crevices suitable for containers, gardens and public parks in a wide range of styles. Crevices address urgent environmental concerns, beyond conservation of rare plants, by re-using waste materials such as concrete, creating wildlife habitats and making permeable, plant-friendly alternatives to solid retaining walls.

An illustrated A-Z recommending 250 irresistible plants completes this comprehensive book which heralds a bold new chapter in the history of gardening with rocks and plants.

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Author Biography

Kenton J. Seth is a Colorado-based garden designer who works at home and abroad specializing in crevice gardens, drought-tolerant natives, and meadows. His flower palette is fortified with wild-hunted seed and plants grown in his small nursery. He writes for a variety of publications from local plant clubs to national magazines and international rock garden clubs. He and his partner Tori grow vegetables, ride bikes and watch sunsets over the canyon country in Fruita, Colorado.Paul Spriggs learned how to build crevice gardens building directly from one of it’s innovators, Zdenek Zvolanek, of the Czech Republic. In the past decade and a half, he has built crevice gardens in public parks and private homes that range in size from small feature troughs, to large installations involving many tonnes of stone. He has a passion for all wild plants especially those of dwarf stature, and collects and cultivates them at various gardens in his hometown of Victoria, BC, Canada. He is an avid plant explorer, photographer and current President of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society.

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