Plantes sauvages de la Loire et du Rhône Atlas de la flore vasculaire


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Plantes sauvages de la Loire et du Rhône Atlas de la flore vasculaire Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Conservatoire Botanique National du Massif Central
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The CBN Massif Central has access to some 742 000 data points collected during surveys conducted since 2005 in this area, with the collaboration of many business partners and a network of over 90 botanists.

Of the 2510 vascular plant species observed, 1915 of them presented in detail, with each entry listing scientific name, French name, vernacular names, family, life cycle, flowering dates, indications on their indigenity and rarity, threats, protection status, French and local distribution, habitat preferences, and other comments. Each entry is illustrated by a photograph and a distribution map for the Loire and the Rhône on a 5 km mesh grid. Conservation issues are also described for the 392 recorded species that are remarkable in that territory. Finally, another 305 species (accidental, suspicious, etc.) are discussed through short citations.

Enriched with a general description of the area , its botanical history, a summary of its flora and nearly a hundred thematic sections, this book is aimed not only at passionate botanists and naturalists, but also at all those who wish to better understand the plant diversity of these departments and understand the issues of conservation.

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