Plant Embryology: Classical and Experimental


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Plant Embryology: Classical and Experimental Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Alpha Science International Ltd
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“Plant Embryology: Classical and Experimental” has been written in simple language with up to date information supported with hand sketch diagrams and schematic representation of the events, classifications and tables wherever required. Part A, Classical Embryology, deals exclusively with the basics of plants such as structures of reproductive parts , their growth and development starting from Microsporogenesis, Megasporogenesis, Pollination, Fertilization till Embryo and Seed formation; it also includes discussion of Comparative Embryology. Part B, Experimental Embryology, on the other hand covers the cultures of Anther, Pollens, Ovary, Ovule, Embryo etc. which enables one to understand the mechanism of growth and development. This book will meet the requirements of both undergraduate and postgraduate students and benefit those preparing for various competitive examinations such as NET, SLET, IFS and Civil Services etc. with Botany as one of the optional papers.

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