On the Trail of Wolves: A British Adventure in the Wild West


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On the Trail of Wolves: A British Adventure in the Wild West Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
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Wolves fascinate us – they always have and always will – and with her new non-fiction narrative, author and TV presenter Philippa Forrester aims to help us understand the wolf better and learn its real place in modern America to try and gauge its future. When Philippa and her family relocated to the wilds of Wyoming, the sound of wolves close to their new home fed her lifelong fascination. But as she settled into life in the US, she discovered many residents weren’t happy to share their land with wolves. Philippa listened to what locals have to say and travelled further from home to talk to rangers, conservationists, hunters and ranch owners to try and learn when and why opinions on wolves became so polarised. It’s now more than a decade since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. To many, their reintroduction seemed like a victory. But what does the future hold for wolves in a land where many people resent they were ever there at all? How can ever-increasing human populations learn to live alongside large predators before we end up with a planet devoid of them? In this captivating non-fiction narrative, Philippa trails wild wolves living within the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem revealing what she learns about these beautiful wild animals from living among them, as she tries to make sense of the lies and rumours that are spread about wolves by those who seek to exterminate them again.

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A thoroughly engaging narrative. -- Mark Avery * Author of Inglorious * Forrester conveys the mournful mystique of these animals and the loveliness of her adopted home with wise compassion. -- Philippa Williams * The Lady *

Author Biography

Philippa Forrester's career as a TV presenter in the UK began with Children's BBC and spans almost three decades of primetime including much-loved programmes like Robot Warsand Tomorrow's Worldas well as her beloved natural history programmes. She has spent most of her career specialising in science and factual television. In 2001, she created Halcyon Media with her husband Charlie Hamilton James and has written and produced a string of award-winning documentaries for the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery. Philippa has published three books, has degrees in English literature and Ecology and Conservation and recently graduated with an MA in writing for young people from Bath Spa. She currently lives and works in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where grizzly bears join children in the playground, her three sons wear cowboy boots and lasso ropes and her husband is one step away from chewing tobacco. @philippaforrest