Medicinal Plants of the World

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Medicinal Plants of the World Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: CABI Publishing Pages: 520 ISBN: 9781786393258 Category:

Medicinal plants and plant-derived medicine are widely used in traditional cultures all over the world and they are becoming increasingly popular in modern society as natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals. As more and more natural remedies are being commercialised, there is a need for a user-friendly reference guide to the plants and their products.

The book gives the reader a bird’s eye view of more than 350 of the best known medicinal plants of the world and their uses, in a compact, colourful and scientifically accurate reference text. It provides quick answers to the most obvious questions: Where does this plant originate? What does it look like? In which culture is it traditionally used? What is it used for? Which chemical compounds does it contain? How safe is it? What is known about its pharmacological activity? What evidence is there that it is effective?

The authors also provide short overviews of the various health conditions for which medicinal plants are used and the active compounds (secondary metabolites) found in the plants and their modes of actions.

This new edition has an additional 30 plant species, many new and improved photographs and the text has been fully updated to reflect the latest regulatory status of each plant.

Suitable for students of botany and pharmacology, health care practitioners, pharmacists and doctors, as well as anyone interested in plants who may want to use the book as an illustrated encyclopaedia.

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