Hummingbirds: A Celebration of Nature’s Jewels


Hummingbirds: A Celebration of Nature’s Jewels Authors: , Illustrator: Jeanne Melchels Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press
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Pages: 288 Illustrations and other contents: 550 color photos. 25 color + 57 b/w illus. 7 charts. 9 tables. 373 maps. ISBN: 9780691182124 Categories: ,

A stunningly illustrated guide to the wonderful world of hummingbirds

With their glorious colors, glittering iridescence, astonishing powers of flight, and many characteristics unique in the world of birds, hummingbirds are extraordinary-true jewels of nature. This beautiful book is a celebration of all aspects of hummingbirds and their world. It features hundreds of the most spectacular photographs of hummingbirds ever taken, exquisite illustrations, and a lively, readable text that presents the latest scientific information and includes up-to-date details about every species.

A familiar sight across much of the Americas, hummingbirds have long captured the imagination and played an important part in myths, legends, and other aspects of human culture. Today, hummingbirds are among the most popular of all birds, sought after by serious and casual birders alike. They inspire questions in anyone lucky enough to see them. How can they fly like that? Why are they so colorful? How many are there? Where and how do they live? How do they survive? This book answers these and many other questions, providing an enlightening and enjoyable guide to hummingbirds that can only deepen their wonder.

  • A definitive yet accessible account of all aspects of hummingbird life
  • More than 540 spectacular color photographs, illustrating all 101 hummingbird genera and over two-thirds of the world’s 369 species
  • Specially commissioned illustrations revealing details of anatomy and behavior
  • Meticulously researched facts and figures on status, population, distribution, and conservation designations of all the world’s hummingbirds
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"You'll be torn between lingering on one amazing image and flipping ahead to see what's next. . . . A riveting read that does more than adequate justice to its subjects."---David Callahan, BirdLife Magazine "A wonderfully detailed book, packed with well researched information that will both fascinate and educate the reader, as well as draw attention to the conservation challenges that many species now face. . . . Engaging and informative subject matter and the glorious photography throughout."---Josh Jones, Birdwatch Magazine "This beautiful, richly illustrated book presents a detailed but easy to-read introduction to the family [of hummingbirds] . . . . [The photographs] really are on a higher level in their quality: exquisite, well-lit and perfectly composed portraits to enjoy, many printed full page, and flight shots of hovering or feeding birds."---Stephen Menzie, British Birds "A superb new book."---Kevin Rushby, Backstory "Were this just a celebration of hummingbirds it would grace any coffee table as it is packed full of photos of these avian jewels. Iconic species get showcased as its not just birders who are in awe. . . . But this is more than a celebration... it's a compendium of facts of the what, where and how's of the hummingbird world."---Bo Beolens, Fat Birder "This superbly illustrated and informative book will appeal not only to birding enthusiasts, but also to anyone with a passing interest in nature."---Frank Lambert, Frank Lambert Birding "I think this is a wonderful book. None has pleased me quite so much of late, nor filled me with more foreboding for the future. If you love nature even a little, you need a copy of this book on your shelf."---David Gascoigne, Travels with Birds "An awesome . . . book with truly spectacular photos of a wide variety of the world's hummingbirds. . . . All 101 genera are pictured in this book, thus showcasing beautiful photos of a representative cross-section of the world's hummers. Superb images of hummingbirds aside, the text is also fascinatingly informative, covering a wide range of topics about these special, unique birds."---Chris Lotz, Birding Ecotours "A must have for hummingbird fans!"---Ian Paulsen, The Birdbooker Report "This book covers every aspect of hummingbird biology and ecology, with a generous complement of ground-breaking, easy-to-read science. The book is lavishly illustrated, with dozens of explanatory diagrams and tables, plus hundreds of exquisite photographs, it is photographed and designed with great skill and a shared passion for the subject by the authors; truly a fascinating read."---Sue Bradshaw, British Naturalists Association

Author Biography

Glenn Bartley is a world-renowned professional wildlife photographer who specializes in creating intimate and beautiful images of birds in their natural habitats. He leads photographic workshops throughout the Americas and beyond. Andy Swash is an ecologist, conservationist, wildlife photographer, and accomplished author. He is the managing director of WILDGuides and his books include The World's Rarest Birds, as well as many highly acclaimed photographic field guides.