European Breeding Bird Atlas 2: Distribution, Abundance and Change



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The first European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA1) published by the EBCC in 1997 was a milestone in European ornithology. This follow up project was carried out by organisations from 48 countries with around 120,000 fieldworkers contributing data to the atlas.  Data collection and analysis followed a rigorous scientific protocol, led by a team of researchers from ornithological institutes with many years of experience in atlas work. This data was mainly collected for the period lasting from 2013 to 2017.

European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 presents information on all species reported to breed in the study period and some with more uncertain breeding status. A total of 556 species are treated with a full species account including maps, text and an illustration; information on 69 very rare or irregularly breeding species is presented in an Appendix. Full species accounts include distribution maps at a resolution of 50×50 km (usually showing abundance data), modelled distribution maps with a resolution of 10×10 km (for 222 breeding birds) and change maps documenting changes in distribution since the first atlas.

Original artwork illustrates all species with a full account. Illustrations were provided by 46 artists from 18 countries, with different styles and techniques, reflecting European diversity.

This book represents the most up-to-date source of information on bird distribution and change in Europe, and a great contribution to the global aim of understanding biodiversity to ensure its conservation.

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