How to Read an Insect: A Smart Guide to What Insects Do and Why


How to Read an Insect: A Smart Guide to What Insects Do and Why Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: The History Press Ltd Illustrations and other contents: 150 colour illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9780750997102 Categories: , , , , Tag:

The essential guide to insect behaviour, perfect for the inquisitive gardener or nature lover.

Most insects are too small to be easily noticed. Fewer still are watched with the appreciation we have for birds and other forms of wildlife. Yet everything about the insect world is staggering from the sheer diversity of forms to the mindboggling ways in which they function. If only we would look closer. How to Read an Insect explores the lives of these miniature creatures, putting a wealth of fascinating and esoteric behaviours under the microscope from elegant displays of courtship to brutal acts of predation.

In this stunningly illustrated companion guide, Dr Ross Piper shares his love of insect-watching and reveals everything you need to know about the fascinating biology and behaviour of insects.

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Author Biography

Dr Ross Piper has a PhD in insect ecology from the University of Leeds, where he is a visiting research fellow. He is also a visiting fellow at the University and Essex and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He worked as a presenter of the acclaimed BBC Two series Wild Burma and has authored a number of books on natural history, notably Animal (Phaidon, 2018) and Animal Earth (Thames & Hudson, 2013).

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