Hebeloma (Supplement). Fungi Europaei Vol.14A


Hebeloma (Supplement). Fungi Europaei Vol.14A Authors: , , , First Published: Published By: Candusso Edizioni View more from this series: Fungi Europaei Pages: 470 Illustrations and other contents: 86 micrograph, 294 photocolor ISBN: 9788894371017 Category:

Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm. – Supplement. – based on collections of Italy

A supplement to Fungi Europaei Vol.14, that covers new species in the genus Hebeloma..

English language text.

Determination keys to all European species in English, German, French and Italian.


1. Introduction
2. Observational protocol, descriptive terminology and coding conventions
3. Determining the correct sections, Key to Hebeloma sections, Key to Hebeloma section Denudata
4. An overview of the species confirmed in Italy, Taxonomy
5. Hebeloma section Hebeloma
6. Hebeloma section Denudata, Hebeloma subsection Crustuliniformia, Hebeloma subsection Clepsydroida, Hebeloma subsection Echinospora, Hebeloma subsection Hiemalia
7. Hebeloma section Sinapizantia
8. Hebeloma section Velutipes
9. Hebeloma section Duracinus
10. Hebeloma section Myxocybe
11. Hebeloma section Naviculospora
12. Hebeloma section Scabrispora
13. Hebeloma section Syrjense
14. Hebeloma section Theobromina
15. Hebeloma section Sacchariolentia
16. Hebeloma section Porphyrospora
17. Hebeloma section Pseudoamarescens
18. European Hebeloma species not yet confirmed from Italy, Alpine or arctic species not yet confirmed from Italy, Boreal or subalpine species not yet confirmed from Italy, Other species not yet confirmed in Italy
19. Final Remark
20. Bibliography
21. Iconography
22. General keys, German key, French key, Italian key, Taxonomic Index

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