Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe

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This is the first guide to the 261 species of orthopterans – the grasshoppers, crickets and katydids – of Britain and western Europe ever published. Set out in a clear and accessible format and featuring a combination of photographs and illustrations, Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe covers identification criteria of all of the main species and subspecies, with detailed photographs of males and females, distribution maps, status, habitat descriptions, oscillograms, advice on where and when to find them, and tips to avoid confusion during the often tricky process of identification.

Comprehensive general chapters also cover morphology, ecology and habitat, and assist with research in the field. What makes this work the total package? The book comes with a CD, featuring 222 orthopteran songs. Together, book and CD make this the definitive guide to these insects and a rich resource for any naturalist in the region.

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Author Biography

Eric Sardet is an entomologist who has specialised in orthoptera since the late 1990s. He works as an independent biologist with INSECTA, and is the author or co-author of a number of publications, including the red list of French orthoptera (published in collaboration with Bernard Defaut in 2004), and a departmental atlas of French orthoptera published in collaboration with Bernard Defaut and Yoan Braud in 2009 by l'Union de Entomologie Francaise. Christian Roesti has been interested in the orthoptera of Europe since the age of 6. He is the co-author of Sauterelles, Grillons et Criquets de Suisse and Die Stimmen der Heuschrecken, and co-creator of the smartphone app Orthoptera-App. He organises wildlife holidays, specialising in insects, and is equally enthusiastic about insect photography and scientific drawing. During summer, he works as a guard in a Swiss Alps nature reserve. Yoan Braud is an entomologist with a particular interest in the orthoptera of the Alps, Corsica and the Mediterranean region. He was the co-ordinator of the departmental atlas on French orthoptera (Defaut et al. 2009), and he's currently working on the UICN red list for European orthoptera. Since 2014, he has been president of l'ASCETE (Association pour la Caracterisation de l'Etude des Entomocenoses). He works as an independent ecological entomologist with ENTOMIA.

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