Frontiers in Plant-Soil Interaction: Molecular Insights into Plant Adaptation


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Frontiers in Plant-Soil Interaction: Molecular Insights into Plant Adaptation Editors: Tariq Aftab, Khalid Rehman Hakeem Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Elsevier Science & Technology Pages: 660 Language: English ISBN: 9780323909433 Categories: , , , , ,

Plants face a wide range of environmental challenges, which are expected to become more intense as a result of global climate change. Plant-soil interactions play an important role in the functioning of ecosystems and soil properties represent a strong selection pressure for plant diversity and influence the structure of plant communities and participate to the generation and maintenance of biodiversity. The complexity of plant-soil interactions has recently been studied by developing a trait-based approach in which responses and effects of plants on soil environment were quantified and modelled. This fundamental research on plant-soil interaction in ecosystems is essential to transpose knowledges of functional ecology to environmental management. Frontiers in Plant-Soil Interaction: Molecular Insights into Plant Adaptation will address the topics which provide advances in understanding plant responses to soil conditions through the integration of genetic, molecular, and plant-level studies of diverse biotic and abiotic stresses under field and laboratory conditions. The book will be beneficial to different universities and research institutes working on stress physiology, stress proteins, genomics, proteomics, genetic engineering and other fields of plant-soil interactions, and will also help scientists to explore new horizons in their area of research.

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Author Biography

Tariq Aftab is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany at Aligarh Muslim University in India. He obtained his PhD degree in Plant Physiology in 2012. He is the recipient of the prestigious Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowship from Germany, the Raman Fellowship from the Government of India, and Young Scientist Awards from the State Government of Uttar Pradesh (India) and the Government of India. Dr. Aftab has coedited 10 books, coauthored several book chapters, and written more than 60 research papers. Khalid Rehman Hakeem is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. He has more than 12 years of experience in plant eco-physiology, biotechnology and molecular biology, medicinal plant research, plant-microbe-soil interactions as well as in environmental studies. He has edited 60 books, authored 65 book chapters, and produced over 120 research publications with international publishers.