Extraordinary Chickens


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Extraordinary Chickens Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Abrams
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Stephen Green-Armytage’s Extraordinary Chickens is back in a new chunky format. With gorgeous colour photographs and informative text, Green-Armytage surveys more than fifty breeds from around the world, capturing with his camera chickens of all sizes, shapes, and colours, plus detailed sections on chickens’ curious feet and sculptural combs. Included are breeds developed in Japan, Malaysia, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Australia, South America, the United States, and elsewhere. For breeders and enthusiasts, this tiny yet comprehensive volume will be a treasure; for others it will be a revelation, worth having for the sheer enjoyment of the striking photographs and the amazing animals they portray. Its compact size makes it a wonderful gift.

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Wow! If you thought chickens were scrawny brown things, pecking around in the dirt you won't believe your eyes when you see what's between the covers of this fun-sized, all-colour book on chickens. Chickens with bouffant hairdos, chickens with "fur", chickens that look as if they have been drawn by animators on acid. Long legs, short legs, legs with "trousers" on, legs with scales. Proud roosters strutting their stuff, miniature bantams with Napoleon complexes, coy araucanas hiding their heads. Photographer Stephen Green-Armytage manages to capture the nature and beauty of an enormous range of exotic, ornamental chickens from around the world. Accompanied by knowledgeable descriptions and origins of each bird, every photograph is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face if not an outright chuckle at the absurdity of some of their appearances and expressions. Chicken fancier or not, this is a must for lovers of animals, birds, the exotic and the bizarre. Fabulous. - Lucy Watson

Author Biography

Stephen Green-Armytage received his master's degree in English from Cambridge University in England, where he was also chairman of the Photographic Society. In addition to much advertising and corporate work, he has photographed many well-known politicians, athletes, and other celebrities, and his work has appeared in numerous books and periodicals, including Sports Illustrated, Life, Fortune, Smithsonian, Good Housekeeping, and various European magazines. He is also author and photographer of Abrams' Extraordinary Pheasants, the delightful children's book Dudley: The Little Terrier That Could, and the forthcoming Extraordinary Pigeons.