Essential Pruning Techniques

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Pruning is an essential part of garden maintenance; it is necessary to regulate and control growth and to encourage flowering and fruiting on trees and shrubs. It is also one of the most difficult parts of garden maintenance. To prune well, gardeners must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the attributes, growth, and flowering habits of the plants under their care and of the effects likely to be produced by making the cut.

Landscapers, arborists, and home gardeners will find all this and more in Essential Pruning Techniques. Tony Kirkham shares decades of knowledge and expertise in this fully illustrated, comprehensive guide. Essential Pruning Techniques offers up- to-date pruning advice for 379 woody plants, step-by-step instruction on the latest techniques and practices, and specific advice for addressing climate challenges.

Full colour photographs by Andrea Jones illustrate techniques and show examples of correctly pruned trees and shrubs.

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"Walks any would-be arborist through a veritable dictionary of trees, from abelias to zenobias." --The New York Times Book Review "An even more excellent text for shaping trees, shrubs, and conifers." --Booklist starred review "Kirkham adds to the knowledge and authority put forth by George E. Brown. . . . best serves experienced gardeners." --Publishers Weekly "Useful for anyone who wants to learn how to prune correctly." --The American Gardener "The volume begins with a hearty 40-page section on how to prune, with many tremendous images of well-pruned plants displayed in their entirety, so that the reader knows what to aim for. The ensuing A-Z of how to prune plants by genus is exhaustive, with numerous 'how-to' images of Tony at work. The fine images of mature trees and shrubs in the alphabetical list makes this section of the book an illustrated tree and shrub encyclopedia in itself. Pruning is perhaps the gardening task that worries gardener's most and this blend of age-old wisdom and new techniques has solutions for most pruning dilemmas--for that, this book is priceless." --The English Garden "The combined experience of two careers in woody plants makes for unrivalled authenticity. The 48 pages devoted to pruning basics are full of wisdom and sound guidance." --The Royal Horticultural Society "Serious gardeners will come back to it again and again." --The Times "A must-have reference for home gardeners and professionals." --Detroit Lakes Tribune "Brown and Kirkham's work is a valuable reference for home gardeners and professionals alike." --Michigan Gardener "Every tree and shrub you can think of is covered with a clear explanation of how, where and why it should be pruned. It's invaluable." --Waitrose Magazine "Expanded, updated, and beautifully illustrated. . . . a durable and worthy reference book for any arborists, gardeners, and landscaper contractors wanting to know more than just basic pruning." --Pacific Northwest Trees

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George E. Brown (1917-1980) earned his diploma in horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He returned to Kew in 1956 as an assistant curator. A founding member of the Arboricultural Association, he soon became a recognized authority on trees and shrubs. Tony Kirkham is head of the arboretum, gardens, and horticultural services at RBG Kew. He lectures regularly internationally and is known and respected by North American tree experts at Quarry Hill, the New York Botanic Garden, the Arnold Arboretum, and other leading U.S. arboreta. Kirkham has been recognized with awards from the Royal Horticultural Society, the Arboricultural Association, and the Royal Botanic Garden.