Birds: Poetry in the Sky


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The fascination birds evoke in us continues unabated. Australian artist and photographer Christian Spencer, living in the vicinity of the Brazilian rainforest since 2001, has surrendered to it as well. “The camera is my brush,” is how he describes his style. His photographs truly capture the poetry of nature, letting its beauty speak for itself – which is why he forgoes any image editing. He was the first to capture the breathtakingly fast beating of hummingbirds’ wings in the sunlight, which forms a rainbow in the air. The world of birds unfolds before his lens in all its colourful glory and elegance: in reflections on the water, between blossoms and trees, and high above the treetops.

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"Originally intending to paint the scene, he decided to leave it as a photograph because he felt it couldn't be improved." - New Scientist "Six photos from Christian Spencer's 'Poetry in the Sky' reveal the impressionistic splendour of blue and yellow macaws and other birds." - Popular Science "Photographer Christian Spencer captured a black jacobin hummingbird mid-flight, right as the sunlight caught its wings. "Rainbow Ballet" is one of several photos out in his book Birds: Poetry in the Sky from teNeues Publishing." - Hyperallergic "Interestingly, Christian eschews editing to present his work exactly as it was captured in camera. Well worth a look." - Amateur Photographer "Spencer worked on capturing that natural rainbow, creating the "Winged Prism" photo series. The colourful images are collected in his book, "Birds: Poetry in the Sky" (teNeues Publishing)." - Treehugger "One need not ponder whether Birds: Poetry in the Sky is more a bird book or an art book: it fits each category. But whatever shelf it belongs on is really irrelevant - it's enough to say that the book is magnificent." - 10,000 Birds "Among some of the standout shots in the book, is a flock of cockatoos just as they take flight from a tree and a group of emus reflected on a watery plane." - Petapixel "But, as award-winning photographer Christian Spencer's Birds: Poetry in the Sky shows, effective and unusual exhibits still have the ability to make anyone stop and admire." - Birdwatch "Part of the award-winning Winged Prism photo series - offered as a coffee table book - presents page after page of breath-taking avian photography that associates birds with their natural habitats. This is photographic art of birds 'where they live' and where humans must watch in awe." - Wildlife Australia ""Birds - Poetry In The Sky," a coffee table book filled with photos of dozens of stunning, iridescent hummingbirds taken in Itatiaia National park in Brazil." - Everett Potter's Travel Report "striking imagery...stunning depictions" - Birdwatch "People who are interested in documenting birds need a great level of patience, and this project posed a special challenge because there are only limited days in the year during which Spencer was able to take pictures, as a result of his need to take into account the sun's rays between the trees, and the migration period of these birds into account." - Arabic CNN "Photographs from this photo series have been recognized in various photography competitions including "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" and "Tokyo Photo Awards". His keen interest in birds is embodied in his book "Birds: Poetry in the Sky" which he published at the end of 2022." - Dubai Week

Author Biography

Christian Spencer was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1977. Since 2001 he has lived near Itataia National Park near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is an artist, filmmaker and photographer. In recent years he has won numerous awards in international photography competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 "Highly Commended" and Tokyo Photo Awards 2021. In the 25 years of his career, Christian Spencer has used the screen, film, music and photography to stage nature as a work of art.