A-Z of Tree Terms: A companion to British arboriculture. 3rd Edition


A-Z of Tree Terms: A companion to British arboriculture. 3rd Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Ethelburga House Pages: 217 ISBN: 9780957178427 Categories: , , Tag:

The third edition of A-Z of Tree Terms is for everyone in Britain with a serious interest in trees. If you work with trees the book will be a good companion, if you own trees your responsibilities will be made easier to understand, and if you simply like trees the book will deepen your affection. If you’re anxious about a tree-related problem, thinking of getting advice, need some tree work or have trees that are affected by a planning application, the book will be useful in practice. And if you’re a serious student of trees you’d better know what one is.

From turbulence to tranquillity, from hot-tubbing to grumble line, from blast pipe to seed bomb and from manège to mulm, this book will equip you for any eventuality.

‘A must-have reference guide for British arboriculturists’  Arboricultural Association

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“The volume [the first edition] is the result of many years practical experience in arboriculture and a great deal of enthusiasm for the subject ... the book is useful and fun. Tree professionals and practitioners will find much of interest and of practical value. Furthermore the book is clearly set out and the information is accessible to the non-specialist. I can see this finding a place on many bookshelves.”  Ian Rotherham, Editor of the Arboricultural Journal

Author Biography

Philip Wilson studied forestry and forest science at the Universities of Aberdeen UK, Canterbury New Zealand and Natal South Africa. He has been a forestry contractor, forest manager, tree nursery manager, lecturer and researcher, and has published widely in the fields of plant propagation, wood science, top fruit culture and education. He is now an arboricultural consultant based in Kent in the south-east of England.