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Wood ID Handbook Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: GMC Publications
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Wood ID Handbook is a gift book for wood lovers – an indispensable and informative guide to over a hundred different kinds of wood. This compact directory explores the world’s most valuable natural resource in detail. This new gift edition gives helpful details about the most popular and useful woods with illustrations and photographs to help with identification. There is also valuable information on the typical uses, durability, wood defects and potential health hazards for each species. Based on a best-selling reference work, this revised and updated abridged version includes drawings and descriptions of the living trees to enhance appreciation of the raw material of woodwork. In-depth yet accessible this handy pocket guide will be the perfect gift for all woodworkers and wood lovers. AUTHOR: A professional woodworker and former editor of GMC’s best-selling Woodturning magazine, Terry Porter brings a lifetime’s practical experience to his writing. SELLING POINTS: Vital reference for woodworkers of all levels of ability Promotes appreciation of a natural resource Over 100 types of wood described in detail with beautiful illustrations and clear photographs 150 photographs, 300 illustrations

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