When Perennials Bloom


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When Perennials Bloom Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Timber Press ISBN: 9780881928877 Category:

‘When Perennials Bloom’ is a useful guide to flowering times for more than 450 perennial flowers. It is based on research on the exact bloom time of particular flowers from around the world — from Moscow to Missouri. Organized alphabetically by flower and including detailed charts and graphs, this book presents a system to predict the groupings of flowers that will reliably bloom at the same time. Introductory chapters explain the seasonal development of various perennial plants, the response of plants to weather conditions, and basic concepts of phenology. Detailed descriptions illustrated with over 600 colour photographs, recommendations for garden use, analysis of bloom times, and graphs showing month-by-month bloom time are all included in this comprehensive title.


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