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Vertebrate Life distills the necessary information from vertebrate anatomy, physiology, ecology, and behavioral studies and then helps students see important connections across levels of biological scale. The result is students come to understand how organisms function effectively in their environments and how lineages of organisms change through evolutionary time. Processing complex detailed information about expansive phylogenies and diverse anatomies can be difficult for even the most motivated students, and Vertebrate Life addresses this challenge by combining appropriately-detailed, clearly-written text with outstanding phylogenies and figures, making it a thorough and engaging reference for students and instructors alike. The text’s impressive illustration program helps students visualize complex concepts, allowing them to parse difficult anatomical information. The 11th edition will have an upgraded illustration program with several new and revised figures, including layered figures presented in the new enhanced eBook.

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"I really like the summary component of Pough et al. This will be extremely helpful for students to focus on the big picture points moving forward." -Carly Anne York, Lenoir-Rhyne University "I think Vertebrate Life has over many iterations of deeply scholarly editions has achieved an excellent treatment of the comparative evolution of adaptive form and function across the tree of vertebrate life. It excels at placing the comparative morphology and physiology of major vertebrate lineages into a clear phylogenetic context with outstanding integration of both extinct and extant forms through the history of space and time on Earth since the early Paleozoic. [In the upcoming edition,] I like the continued expansion to more mixed media illustrations. The increased use of multiple colors in displays and use of more photographs to complement drawn scientific illustrations continues to move in a productive direction for this chapter, and this new edition in general." -Andrew M. Shedlock, University of Charleston "Vertebrate Life really has been the top undergraduate textbook for a survey course on the evolution and form and function of vertebrate animals, for the better part of two decades. The new edition [has] upped the ante a bit in terms of clarity and coverage." -Jonathan Weinbaum, Southern Connecticut State University "[The new edition of Vertebrate Life] updates a previous edition of an excellent text with better organization and new information. [It has a] balance between presenting interesting information without overloading detail." -Udo Savalli, Arizona State University "Pough et al. has a wonderful variety of species that the students will find compelling. It is written in a very accessible writing style, [with a variety of] engaging species examples. The figures will greatly enhance student understanding with well-chosen and interesting examples." -Claire Kendal-Wright, Chaminade University