Tropical Plants of Costa Rica


Tropical Plants of Costa Rica Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Zona Tropical
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Pages: 532 Illustrations and other contents: more than 540 color photographs, 2 maps, 56 line drawings, 114 halftones ISBN: 9780801473746 Category:

Costa Rica’s rich and varied flora dazzles visitors and botanists alike.

An essential guide to the most conspicuous and/or common species likely to be encountered by visitors, this book is also a wonderful resource for naturalists, students and researchers

The author is internationally known for her botanical illlustrations, paintings and photographs.

The text is supplemented by more than 540 high quality full-color photographs taken in the field, each depicting an entire plant or a closer view of flowers, fruits, or seeds, representative of over 430 different plants. Instructive pen-and-ink drawings of botanical details also accompany many of the accounts. The text clearly explains each plant’s identifying characteristics and reveals fascinating facts about its natural history, chemical properties, economic importance, and medicinal and other uses. Sidebar features throughout the book highlight conservation, ethnobotany, and ecology; their topics include unusual applications for plants, distinct attributes of certain plant families, and plants of particular microhabitats.

A previous edition of this book was published under the title “A Guide to Tropical Plants of Costa Rica” (2005). The taxonomy has been updated for this new edition.

paperback; semi-gloss pages; 529pp.; also available in hardback

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"One is hard-pressed to come up with a list of plants that should have been included but are missing from this fabulous survey of tropical beauty. Tropical Plants of Costa Rica is a real gem. This is a well-constructed, nicely formatted, high-quality book. Essential. All levels." -- G. C. Stevens, Choice, October 2007 "This attractive book provides a means for visitors to Costa Rica to learn about and recognize 430 of the more prominent plants of the country and to learn about them in a wonderfully exciting way. A 'must' for any ecotourist, and a refresher course about the biology of tropical plants for anyone. I wish such a book had existed when I first visited Costa Rica forty years ago!" -- Peter H. Raven, Director, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

Author Biography

Willow Zuchowski, a botanist, guide, author, and illustrator, has lived in Monteverde, Costa Rica, for more than twenty years. She teaches plant identification for tropical biology courses and is active in efforts to protect Costa Rica's unique biodiversity. Turid Forsyth is known internationally for her botanical illustrations, paintings, and photographs, which have been published widely and exhibited in galleries in Germany, the United States, and Canada.