Fungi Europaei Volume – Tricholoma. 3A. Supplemento


Fungi Europaei Volume – Tricholoma. 3A. Supplemento Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Candusso Edizioni View more from this series: Fungi Europaei Pages: 204 Illustrations and other contents: 87 colour photos, b/w line drawings Language: Italian ISBN: 9788890105708 Category:

This work is an update, both of the text and of the plates, of the monograph TRICHOLOMA (Fr.) Staude published in 1988.

Text in Italian; keys in Italian and English.

For practical reasons, the systematic-taxonomic updating is still based on M. Bon’s conceptual framework (1984-91), while some interpretations by A. Riva (1988) have been modified.

The presentation of new species, varieties and form that have been proposed over the past fifteen years follows the same pattern as the first edition.

Some of the previous colour plates in the previous edition have been replaced by new plates by J. P. Beati and by colour photographs.

90 coloured photographs and micrographs from the Author, 5 colour plates by J.P. Beati and 1 by E. Grilli.

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