The Way That I Went 2nd ed.


The Way That I Went 2nd ed. Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Collins Press
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Written by Ireland’s greatest field botanist and published in 1937, this enduring celebration of the Irish landscape is the result of five years of weekends spent walking a mazy 5,000 miles across hills and bogs, swimming through flooded caverns, staying out all night on islands, sifting fossil bones and exploring cattle-tramped tombs. That was when conservation was still in the future, farmers welcomed rambling strangers, bogs were intact, bungalows, cars, ESB poles and chain saws were absent, and the countryside was largely tourist-free. Praeger’s journey began in Donegal and ended in Kerry.

Along the way he discovered much, including the passage tombs of Carrowkeel in Sligo, which he was the first to enter. This is an absolute must for lovers of natural history.

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