The Unkillables: 40 resilient house plants for new plant parents


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The Unkillables: 40 resilient house plants for new plant parents Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Welbeck Publishing Group Pages: 128 Illustrations and other contents: Full clr illus and photos Language: English ISBN: 9781914317231 Categories: , ,

Houseplants not only make your space look stylish, they are good for both your physical and mental health. That is… until you kill one (or three). There is nothing more heartbreaking and soul-destroying than watching your beautiful green friend die a slow death in front of your very eyes, despite all of your love and attention. Was it too much water? Not enough? Some sort of insect infestation? The reasons for planticide can seem endless! In The Unkillables, Jo Lambell shares her houseplant knowledge so that even the biggest plant serial killers can have an abundant indoor garden. According to Jo, the biggest mistake many people make is buying the plant they like, not buying the plant for the space that they have, and not accepting the sort of plant parent they are able to be – someone with a warm flat who is rarely home cannot offer the same as the person in a big house who is always in. With this in mind, Jo starts the book with a comprehensive Plant Parent Quiz, which will help you to decide the plants that are best for you and your home. She then details 40 low-maintenance plants and how to keep them healthy and happy. Featuring a First-Aid section that covers common plant ailments, as well as information on potting, watering, fertilizing and more, The Unkillables is the perfect book for anyone who owns a houseplant and wants it to thrive.

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Author Biography

Jo Lambell's love of houseplants began in 2001 when she moved into her first home. After carrying a 6ft Monstera over her shoulder on the bus back from a well-known Swedish home furnishings retailer, she knew there must be a better way of getting plants delivered... which is when she had the idea to start Beards & Daisies. Beards & Daisies is an online plant delivery company, which stocks the biggest selection of houseplants in the UK. Jo believes that plants are the perfect way to update your home or office and is fanatical about plants.