The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera


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The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Selby Botanical Gardens Press
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The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera is a collaborative project of Peg Alrich and the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Identification Center. It is intended to fill a void in the existing reference material by providing a comprehensive and updated source of information on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the orchid family.

The dictionary is the most comprehensive collection of orchid genera nomenclature to date with over 3800 names. This easy-to-navigate full-color book contains over 500 pages which present the current status of orchid taxonomy and the history of generic names, making it an important reference for botanists, taxonomists, orchid lovers and horticultural specialists. Easy to read and understand, the color-coded, fact-filled pages are complete with color illustrations or line drawings for each genus. Each genus description for the more than 3000 orchid genera names includes the author(s) name, publication name, as well as page number and year of publication. Accepted genera include subfamily, tribe, and subtribe placement. The etymologies have been carefully researched and greatly expanded from other listings. Each genus has its type species or lectotype listed, the number of species credited to the genus, and the species distribution. Also included is a brief description of the plants and flowers of the genus. Additionally the dictionary includes an introductory overview of the orchid family by David Benzing, the well-known epiphyte ecologist. The appendices include a list of the taxonomists along with their birth/death dates and genera authored, a listing of the standardized publication abbreviations used in literature, and a listing of species illustrations used.

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"Alrich and Higgins offer a comprehensive guide to the identification and taxonomic etymology of nearly 2550 color-coded orchid species, including fossilized and pre-Linnaean types in addition to invalidated variants. Paragraph-long entries are organized alphabetically by genus name and are accompanied either by drawings or full-color photographs. Excised from their backgrounds, the illustrations focus solely on contour and interior morphology, rather than surrounding environment. The book opens with a fascinating flora profile, including cellular diagrams, physiological descriptions, and a further reading list. Highly recommended for all botanical collections." "The authors of The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera set themselves the task to locate and briefly describe all orchid genus names found in the literature up to 2007. Including genera known only from fossil records, published before Linnaeus, validly published but not accepted, etc., the entries number more than three times the 850 genera recognized today. Following an overview describing the anatomy, physiology, and biology of orchids, the entries for each genus are given a color-coded classification system indicating status of accepted use and other variables. There are publication notes on the name (including variants and misspellings), its etymology, and, when appropriate, the number of species, geographic range, and a brief synopsis of the genus. Each page is embellished with one to six lovely thumbnail illustrations of selected blooms. The last 50 pages provide supplementary information: publication abbreviations, acknowledgments, a glossary, taxonomists, and an illustration index.... It is a good value worthy of consideration for any botany and gardening collection." -- Linda Scarth, Booklist "The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera balances the needs of amateur orchid enthusiasts with those of the professional orchidologist, and its layout is very clean and easy to read. This book is not merely a list of names, nor is it a comprehensive treatment of the entire Orchidaceae. It is refreshingly something in between and 'just right' for the office or the home library." -- Kenneth M. Cameron, Director, Wisconsin State Herbarium, and Associate Professor of Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Author Biography

Peggy Alrich, the author of Orchids on Stamps and Encyclopedia of Orchid Stamps and Cancels, is a graphics designer and orchid enthusiast. Wesley Higgins is Director of Systematics at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Bruce Hansen is the coauthor of Flora of Florida. Robert L. Dressler is author of Phylogeny and Classification of the Orchid Family. Tom Sheehan is author of Ultimate Orchid. John Atwood is a former Research Scientist at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Peter H. Raven is the Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden and the coauthor of Biology of Plants. David Benzing is Jesse B. Cox Chair in Tropical Botany at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.