The Ax Book: The Lore and Science of the Woodcutter

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The Ax Book: The Lore and Science of the Woodcutter Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Stackpole Books Pages: 144 Illustrations and other contents: 54 Illustrations, black and white Language: English ISBN: 9780811739054 Categories: ,

The ax is an indispensable tool for every woodsman. The Ax Book is a thorough guide to cutting wood with hand tools. Even those who use chainsaws and other power equipment need to be familiar with the hand tools of their craft. An ideal resource for anyone who wants to fell trees and take lumber or firewood from the wood lot or forest. The author explains how to use various types of axes, hatchets, mauls, saws, and wedges, and their use and care to take down trees, section and split and prepare firewood. In addition he shows every aspect of dealing with wood from the forest right to the hearth or stove.

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Every page of this book is endowed with the confident, unfakable authority of real experience. -- Castle Freeman Cook takes the reader over every step in the wood-harvesting process-tree felling, limbing, bucking, wood handling, splitting, cutting to size, storing, and burning. Cook packs his book with vivid, entertaining anecdotes from a lifetime of experience. -- Bud Leavitt, Bangor (ME) Daily News Praise of Cook's treatment of saws cannot be complete without mention of the superb line drawings of S. Lawrence Whipple. The illustrations are large, clear, and with enough graphic perspective to enable the reader to appreciate what is involved when he drops off the saw `to be sharpened.' Altogether, there are more than fifty of these beautifully drawn, incisive visual aids. -- Roy C. Gunter Jr., Southbridge (MA) News A remarkable piece of work...the illustrations are similar to Eric Sloane's, and like Sloane's they present pictures in clearest detail to back up the author's story. -- Dirk van Loon, Rural Delivery, Liverpool, N.S., Canada

Author Biography

Dudley Cook bought his first ax at age 14 from a Sears Roebuck catalog. He was educated at Boston University School of Business. During World War II he joined the Marine Corps and fought with distinction in the Pacific Theater on both Guam and Okinawa. He lived in Waterboro, Maine.