Terrestrial Hydrometeorology


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Both hydrologists and meteorologists need to speak a common scientific language, and this has given rise to the new scientific discipline of hydrometeorology, which deals with the transfer of water and energy across the land/atmosphere interface. Terrestrial Hydrometeorology is the first graduate-level text with sufficient breadth and depth to be used in hydrology departments to teach relevant aspects of meteorology, and in meteorological departments to teach relevant aspects of hydrology, and to serve as an introductory text to teach the emerging discipline of hydrometeorology. The book will be essential reading for graduate students studying surface water hydrology, meteorology, and hydrometeorology. It can also be used in advanced undergraduate courses, and will be welcomed by academic and professional hydrologists and meteorologists worldwide. Additional resources for this book can be found at: http://www.wiley.com/go/shuttleworth/hydrometeorology.

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Recent research investigations have demonstrated the complexity of land-atmosphere processes, making it necessary for the next generation of scientists to have a multidisciplinary background. Fortunately, the new book by James Shuttleworth, Terrestrial Hydrometeorology, addresses this issue by combining both hydrology and meteorology. This book is ripe with information, chapter summaries, sample questions and answers, and a companion website with downloadable figures and tables. I will definitely be adding this to my bookshelf, and I recommend students and faculty of all ranks do the same. (Groundwater, May-June 2014) Just as with a well-written PhD thesis, there is not only clarity but boundless enthusiasm which emerges from the pages of this book. It is an enthusiasm which is infectious, and most definitely converts me to this newly invented graduate subject. (European Journal of Soil Science, 1 August 2012

Author Biography

Dr. Shuttleworth worked for 20 years at the UK s Institute of Hydrology, ultimately as Head of the Hydrological Processes Division. In 1993 he joined the University of Arizona where he is Regents' Professor in both the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources and the Atmospheric Sciences Department. He has served on numerous national and international scientific advisory committees, including the National Research Council, the International Council of Scientific Unions, the International Hydrology Programme, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, and the World Climate Research Programme. In 2001 Dr. Shuttleworth was awarded the AGU Hydrology Prize for "outstanding contributions to the science of hydrology", and in 2006 IAHS, UNESCO and WMO jointly awarded him the prestigious International Hydrology Prize.