Snails on rocky sea shores (Naturalists’ Handbook 30)


Snails on rocky sea shores (Naturalists’ Handbook 30) Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Pelagic Publishing
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Pages: 97 Illustrations and other contents: 3 Tables, black and white; 48 Illustrations, black and white; 120 Figures; 4 Plates, color ISBN: 9781907807152 Category:

The snails found living on rocky sea shores are among the most rewarding invertebrate animals to study. Species such as dog-whelks, topshells and winkles are easy to find, capture, identify, measure and mark. This book provides a key to common species, background ecology, an overview of rocky shore habitats and the techniques required for anyone to study this fascinating and accessible fauna.

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This is an excellent addition to an excellent series of naturalists' handbooks and should be part of the equipment for any field trip to the seashore. -- Ian Lancaster * SSR *