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Rain Gardens Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Timber Press Pages: 188 Illustrations and other contents: 157 color photos, 41 line drawings ISBN: 9780881928266 Category:

This book describes how to make the most of rainwater by capturing, channelling and diverting it as it falls, solving problems of imbalanced rainfall in certain areas. The ‘Rain Garden’ introduces a new concept for bringing purpose or individuality to gardens or landscapes, simultaneously addressing environmental benefits and aesthetic considerations. The book draws on exmaples from around the world, and highlights the importance of rain gardens for biodiversity and their sustainability in the changing climate.
hardback with dust-cover;188pp. 9780881928266

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In this unique and essential resource, Dunnett and Clayden expertly and comprehensively explain the various methods of creating rain gardening systems in clear, precise, and enthusiastic language ... and draw on inspiring case histories of successful rain garden projects throughout the United States and Europe. -- Carl Haggas Booklist 20070301 The ideas presented aren't naively idealistic, as the authors provide case studies from around the world and sketches and photos that illustrate how to make a rain garden a reality. -- Jessica Damiano Newsday 20070614 Great ideas for saving and utilizing this most precious resource - water. -- Virginia Hayes Santa Barbara Independent 20070705 A comprehensive guide to designing and implementing practical, manageable solutions for small and large-scale rain gardens at home and in the public landscape. O'Mama Report 20070705 A good read ... and an informative one as well. -- Fran Sorin CBS Radio Network 20070709 All gardeners can learn from this book, but if you have property, steep, or having drainage issues, this book should be required summer reading. -- Marianne Binetti Seattle Post-Intelligencer 20070720 What we need, clearly, is a style of gardening that can cope with periods of hot and dry, and cold and wet weather. It's a tall order, but [Rain Gardens] has come up with some pretty good answers. -- Elspeth Thompson Daily Telegraph (London) 20070717 This ground-breaking and important book explains the concept in simple, non-technical terms, and gives plenty of practical advice on how to go about making your garden better at absorbing rain in the way that natural environments do, and making it a more biodiverse and visually attractive place in the process. -- Noel Kingsbury Gardens Illustrated 20070801 Describes how to handle storm water in numerous ways that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Nearly 200 color photographs and 40 line drawings leave little guesswork about how to create your own rain garden. -- Joel M. Lerner Washington Post 20070804 Dunnett and Clayden punctuate approachable text with a bevy of lovely photographs that capture the beauty and advantages of rain gardens. -- Ellison G. Weist Portland Tribune 20070814 An intelligent, urbane, visually compelling campaign for nothing less than the reformation of our built landscapes, all with a mind toward preservation and the natural flow of what may be our most critical resource: water. -- Felicia Parsons Northern Gardener 20070901 Has inspiring photographs, excellent diagrams, and a full plant list. It is solidly and passionately written and easily read by anyone who is inspired to use some of these strategies in the home environment. -- Cathie Draine Rapid City Journal 20070925 More readable than the somewhat clunky title suggests. It's also the first comprehensive guide to water management for home gardeners. Here are practical solutions to rainwater runoff, from green-roofed garden sheds to swales and ponds. -- Valerie Easton Seattle Times 20071009 If you need to install a rain garden, rejoice. The elegant, functional, and beautifully designed gardens in Rain Gardens ... will be an invaluable resource for those with soggy soil. -- Ann Lovejoy Seattle Post-Intelligencer 20071011 Despite the monsoon conditions in Ireland and the U.K., I found myself enjoying the rain when I read this book, imagining all the delightful ways in which design can be used to play with rainfall. -- Erik van Lennep Cultivate.ie 20070901 Present[s] plausible methods to capture, channel, divert, and take advantage of the precipitation that falls in our yards. -- John Bagnasco Garden Compass 20071101 [An] incredibly useful reference to peruse in order to summon up ideas for the redirection of not only our rain water, but our thoughts on what should be done with it. -- Jean Starr Northwest Indiana Times 20071108 Informs gardeners about the many types of rain gardens that are being developed for home as well as public use. ... Easy to use with lots of photographs and illustrations. -- Carol Wiese Chicago Sun-Times 20071102 Well-illustrated with color photographs and plans, this volume surveys the many creative and effective solutions ... of capturing and using rainwater as part of a building's design. ... Among those who will find the ideas of interest are landscape architects, architects, gardeners, and residential homeowners. Book News 20071101 Makes fascinating reading for gardeners, builders and environmentalists alike ... extremely thought-provoking and throws up plenty of new ideas ... well researched and full of pictures bringing new concepts of rainwater gardens vividly to life. A brilliant book. -- Angela Youngman MonstersAndCritics.com 20071214 An outstanding book ... plenty of photos and diagrams, many ideas for water management, and detailed plant lists. Garden Solutions 20080201 I love this book! ... Kudos to Nigel and Andy for creating such a detailed and comprehensive guide. ... The personal observations of the writers' experience as designers themselves and fathers of young children regarding the importance of designing secure but fun interactive water design is refreshing. -- Linda S. Velazquez GreenRoofs.com 20080129 An exciting and motivating book. ... These are simple ideas and strategies. Most can be done by a homeowner at minimal expense. -- Cathie Draine Napa Valley Register 20080119 Every bit as appealing as its title, Rain Gardens tells us what to do as we find ourselves in a built environment where much of the earth is paved over and our supply of cheap water is diminishing. An educational, practical, timely, and inspiring book. -- Katherine Cook Pacific Horticulture 20080701 Here you can learn how to capture rain and snowmelt runoff, how to disconnect your downspouts, create a green roof, bioretention ponds, storm-water chains and permeable paving. -- Francie Berg Oregonian 20090405

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Nigel Dunnett is a senior lecturer in the landscape department at the University of Sheffield, where he has developed innovative research programs on naturalistic and ecologically-informed planting for gardens and public landscapes. He promotes urban environments that are rich in vegetation and nature in his teachings and research - combining his background and experience in both horticulture and ecology. Nigel's teachings covers planting design, landscape ecology, ecological design and management, and research methods for students. He is director of the graduate research school, coordinator of the degree for landscape design with ecology, and is actively involved in consultancy and advisory work, particularly in relation to the planting and design of green roofs, and in designing and creating "pictorial meadows." He writes regularly as a horticultural journalist for a range of landscape and garden publications, including Gardens Illustrated and The Garden. For the past ten years he has worked to apply ecological techniques in mainstream urban landscape contexts. He resides in Sheffield, England. Andy Clayden is a landscape architect, garden designer, and lecturer in the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield, England. He lectures in design, landscape construction, and design detailing. His work as a designer and researcher focuses on the application of new technologies and approaches to the creation of sustainable design solutions. He lives in Sheffield with his family.